Training in paradise

I had been meaning to write a little more over the last few weeks, but the holiday season was pretty hectic (though fun!) and then I got a bit of a congested nose and dry throat (on top of the humidity bottoming out lately) so I didn’t get a chance. But things have been exciting!

I have been mostly doing light swimming, spinning and running so far, nothing specific. I divided up the 32 weeks until my first potential goal race into batches of 4, and today marks the first 4 week segment where the focus shifts to some force and muscle work as well. I had only loosely outlined the 32 weeks with ideas of each 4 week phase in November, but spent a lot of time last weekend putting in some more details, writing out goals and ideas of what to focus on where to best meet them, hours and timing to safely be in half iron shape by June, and I was getting excited seeing everything come together. (I am using The Triathlete’s Training Diary to do this. I have had this for years, but never used it. Finally decided to use this instead of random scraps of paper and spreadsheets, and it’s really great!)

Next I spent some time writing out what workouts I would be aiming to do over the next 4 week phase, and I was just looking forward to everything more and more. Sure enough, morning comes and I am getting ready to get my first workout in, an easy swim of 50s, 100s and 200s. I get to the pool and…… crap, I forgot to bring my locker lock. Wallet, keys and phone all with me, no lock….. It’s -15 out and snowing, so while my clothes are less valuable, I would have been screwed if those disappeared while I was swimming. I am excited for this next phase, so I do NOT want to bail on the very first workout, so I wrap my pants with keys/phone/wallet in my towel and bring that out to the pool while leaving my clothes in an unlocked locker, hoping for the best. (I didn’t really expect anything to be taken as I haven’t heard any bad stories about this place, but the signs warning us to lock all our valuables certainly weren’t offering their support.)

Next step, in the pool. New Year’s resolution time doesn’t seem to make the pool too busy, so I get a lane all to myself. My brother got me (a really awesome) Tempo Trainer for Christmas, which I have used a couple times now, and had it on again today. Just swimming a light warmup to start I had it on but not beeping yet, and a few strokes down the pool I hit it with my arm. Strange as I never hit it before, but maybe my stroke is off. All is fine after.

At the other end of the pool I am ready to turn back, but just feel like checking if I was hitting the thing because it was sitting wrong. Touch, touch, touch? It’s not there? Crap…. I must have knocked it off with that hit! No more warmup, just going to look for the thing now. Swim back, can’t see it. Alright, another back and forth, slowly looking left and right on the bottom. Can’t see it. One more time, looking really carefully, I see a few things in the deep end and decide to dive down and take a look. Nope. Next. Nope. Crap! I can’t see anything, so it’s time to go to the lifeguard, tail between my legs, asking for help. “Um, I lost something in the pool, what are my chances of finding it?” She asks what it is, what colour it is, and we start walking along the pool in search. Maybe 10m down she spots it FLOATING pretty much where I felt I hit it. It floats. It FLOATS. I had been swimming by the thing each time staring at the bottom of the pool while passing it. “Thanks!” as I hop in, grab it and get back to normal.

Warmup is a toss up, so on to drills. The Tempo Trainer stays on, all is well. Get to main set, and halfway through I decide to call it a day. The locker being open, the Tempo Trainer falling off, oh well. Hop out of the pool and, as expected, the locker and my things are just fine. (Thank you world!) I still swam about 1000m, so the day wasn’t a complete loss, and on days like today you can only really laugh at yourself and imagine how things can only get better from here!

Shameless plug: As per the hectic holiday time, most of it came from my deciding to build this! (Lots of fun, and surprisingly simple, but time consuming.)


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