Running has been going well, with a 55 minute run last weekend and no notable injury yet, so hopefully this keeps up!

Yesterday morning I went out for a run intended to be 40-45 minutes, but was met with a thin sheet of ice coating the entire city, with freezing rain continuing. I mentioned before that I have never had issues running in the Winter with my usual runners, but yesterday marked an end to that.

Right out the back of my building is a sidewalk slanted slightly down to get to the parking lot that leads to the road, and I didn’t have to step to get down, there was a wind coming from behind me that, combined with the ice, just let me slide down without effort. I carefully walked to the road, hoping it would be better being salted/sanded, but it was completely coated as well. Walking a few blocks to where I do my warmup I was slipping and sliding, and almost the entire run was mayhem.

There were some thin sprays of salt and sand covering maybe 10% of the roads, and I was happy to always hop on if I saw one, but otherwise everything was sketchy. I went around a corner and, for lack of a better term, drifted the corner on my shoes as I couldn’t keep from the outside slide. I was going fairly slow with my heart rate frequently dropping to zone 1, but the ice was brutal. I changed my route to avoid hills, and about halfway through decided to just do 30 minutes and bail on the rest.

I had been slipping all over, but not fallen over, though one near fall. A few blocks from the end I have no idea what happened, maybe tried to take a corner too tight, but one step simply went out and I fell back on my right elbow and then full back. Lay there for a few seconds before getting up and finishing. Wow. What a nightmare.

The weather forecast called for this turn to snow soon, so I was hoping my bike across town a few hours later would be OK, but when I went out to check a couple hours later the ice pellets were coming down like crazy and the thin sheet of ice coating the city had been upgraded to a thick sheet of ice. I figured biking would probably not be the greatest idea, so got the runners on and had to run across town instead. The ice pellets were fortunately quickly turning into wet snow, so grip wasn’t much of an issue anymore, but in the end I ran almost 20km. Not bad for a planned 40 minute morning run…

While this cross town run wasn’t in the best circumstances, things felt a lot better than last time, and I got both directions in just under an hour, with minimal ankle pain, so things are looking up! (Amusingly, given the prep time with the bike, it looks like the run commute is about the same time investment, so it’s not too much of an inconvenience given I’m not dead today and swam a good 2500m. Still thinking the next time I run and everyone else cancels their appointment I should just bring a bottle of whiskey and give everyone a treat after(/during?) the lift!)


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