Base 2

Been busy with some exciting changes underway, and training feels like it’s going strong, so we’ll see how this continues.

Last week was a recovery week so I tried to reduce volume to allow a bit of recovery on the mind and muscles, but it didn’t go well. On Wednesday I wanted to get back into doing flip turns in the pool, so still swam some lengths but spent most of the time behind the flags just trying turn after turn after turn. I hopped out of the pool and hit my knee on the side for the firs time, and while walking to the changing rooms just had a really cloudy mind. I definitely didn’t want to eat anything,¬†and the walk home took more thought than a walk should! In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have flipped so much in the pool… (imagine spinning around in a circle as a kid to see what it’s like to throw off your balance, now imagine doing that for 30 minutes in a pool!)

I kept the runs very minimal to try and let my legs recover from the massive Tuesday the week before, as I had run 200 minutes the previous week and 340 because of the run commute… And as per the bike I capped the week off with a lactate threshold test, and those are always fun…. (ride as hard as you can maintain for 30 minutes).

So all in all, the week just felt like it wasn’t great. I lowered volume, but didn’t really feel recovered in any way. Fortunately I went to the gym Tuesday/Friday and set PRs, as well as laying down a 45 minute spin with a 15 minute tempo interval yesterday that just felt great. While I didn’t feel recovered last week, my body seems to have done quite well with the break, so I’m looking forward to see how this next phase goes with the added tempo/hill intervals to develop strength on the swim/bike (and maybe on the run if the ankle feels up to the challenge).