Ran across the city again today… third time this Winter. I don’t think it was too bad out there, and I’m pretty sure I could have survived just fine, but the weather is supposed to jump up to a snow dump at some point today, and I didn’t want to have that during my time out. I have had to walk my bike across town, wearing cleats, and once was well beyond enough. Never again, hopefully!

Seeing cars spinning out all over definitely made me feel better about my decision, but oh well, new training phase! Yesterday was the usual rest day, so today is the first proper day in the power phase. Conveniently, I also just found this post a few days ago:

Hawaii Ironman Secrets

written by a fairly successful athlete pointing out that most of his training was going against the grain, ignoring most of the usual training mantra and just focusing on intervals to develop strength, as well as the importance of recovery. (The usual training mantra does suggest that enough recovery is important for intervals, since hard intervals not being hard enough are junk miles, but he takes it to a pretty strong extreme.)

In the power phase I am now going to be hitting intervals pretty hard, and given my issues with the ankle I like the reassurance that not running too much might be able to lead to great success, though I do feel there’s a little bit left off this post. Having a base in the first place is important, so long rides are still necessary. The claim that you don’t need to do 6+ hour rides is of course more relevant for people that can finish the bike course in just over 4 hours like him, though he brings up an interesting question: if you focus on intervals to develop speed, and bring your bike time town close to around 4 hours, maybe it’s not so important to do those long rides for your pre-speedy expected bike time.

As per not doing bricks, there is actually support for that already out there as a few studies showed that all levels of triathlete got no real benefit from a brick vs. just running on the same day as the bike at any time. As per doing none at all, well, after you’ve already got a year of races done, you are about as used to it as you can be…

I am a fan of unconventional approaches instead of just accepting what’s been passed down for years without asking questions, and having not really got the long rides I was looking for so far (I can’t imagine 4 hours on the trainer….) perhaps there is still hope for me!


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